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Poke it! Twist it! Pwn it! - Easy / Medium


GNU poke is a new interactive editor for binary data. Try poking around for the flag :)

First looks

We’re given an application implementing this and we need to read the flag, however, the name is randomized.


I used the unintended solution to solve this with is basically executing:

.load flag(tab)

I found this by going through the menual and checking all read calls and first found this,

poke-mode is a major mode for editing Poke source files, i.e. .pk files. It provides font-lock, auto-completion and indentation features.

And then found this,

Since loading files is such a common operation, poke provides a dot-command .load that does auto-completion:

(poke) .load my-colors.pk

So using this trick will give us the flag: